Welcome to Diablo Valley Cotillion

The 2017-18 Cotillion Class is Full
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The Diablo Valley Cotillion is a series of dance classes offered to seventh and eighth grade students residing in the Diablo Valley. The purpose is to provide a fun, community event which brings together young men and young women from area middle schools to learn dance basics and social etiquette in a party atmosphere. Why learn the fox trot in this day and age? Basic dance steps prepare young people for a variety of social situations and partner dancing is an avenue to practice manners and social skills with each other.

Historically, a cotillion was an event to present young women to society. Modern cotillion is an event that teaches teens the art of attending and conducting themselves in social situations. Diablo Valley Cotillion members receive instruction in Ballroom, Swing, Disco, Latin, and Line dances. In addition to dance technique, an emphasis is placed on etiquette and social graces. Throughout the dance series, cotillion members are guided to greet chaperones in a receiving line, escort their partner off the dance floor to the refreshment table, thank chaperones at the conclusion, and practice eye contact, conversation skills, manners, and respect with their various dance partners.

Our popular dance instructor and his team create an atmosphere which encourages young men and young women to be comfortable together, make new friends, and have fun. Motivating teens is his specialty! Confidence in social situations is of high importance to this age group. When young people learn social etiquette, it frees them from worrying about making mistakes. The goal at Diablo Valley Cotillion is to develop in young people a high standard of confidence and individual excellence.

“Good manners will open doors that the best education cannot.”
Clarence Thomas, Supreme Court Justice